Monday Meal Plan - 2/22

Hey!  A while ago, almost a year actually, I mentioned that I'd started eating according to the Trim Healthy Mama eating style.  I definitely don't stick to it 100% of the time, but I've been making a conscious effort to eat healthier over this year.  In order to bring a little more content to the blog, (and maybe even a little accountability from ya'll!) I've decided to share my weekly meal plans with all of you!

A few notes: because of our family's schedule, we actually eat our larger 'dinner-style' meal in the afternoons, and a smaller meal in the evenings, so if the timing of the meals seems a little weird, that's why.  Also, the family eats a pretty late breakfast, so I usually start my days with some coffee with collagen and a Triple Zero yogurt (the coconut is my favorite!) when I get home from dropping Big A off at school. We have a few evenings where the meal is provided at our church small groups, so I'll skip cooking for those meals (we usually bring a salad or dessert). I've also left Sundays off, since we usually just eat yogurt before church, and leftovers the rest of the day.

Now, there's also some abbreviations in the THM (that's Trim Healthy Mama) community that I'll use as well, so I'll explain those first!  There's GY (greek yogurt), LLC (Light Laughing Cow cheese), LC (low-carb), SF (sugar-free), GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine), MIM (Muffin in a Mug), and BP (bullet-proof).  If you're familiar with the plan, you'll also notice a few of the meals are crossovers, which I've added in since I'm still a nursing mama.  I also just got the new THM Cookbook as an early birthday present (YAY!), but since those recipes are copyrighted, I'll try to have a good mix of online recipes along with page numbers from the book.  Okay, here goes!

Monday (2/22)
B: THM Pancakes (p.259) with blueberries and SF syrup
L: Lemon Chicken Drumsticks and Easy Cheesy Brown Rice
D: Tuna Quesadillas (with LC tortillas and swap the olive for coconut oil), fresh bell pepper slices
Snacks: fresh veggies (snap peas, celery, carrots) with hummus, Peanut Butter Whip
Drinks: GGMS made with orange La Croix and a dash of vanilla, BP Chai Tea

Tuesday (2/23)
B: Scrambled eggs and bacon
L: Spaghetti (browned ground beef, this sauce, and Dreamfield's pasta), salad with ranch
D: (out - bringing salad to small group)
Snacks: Cottage Berry Whip, Snickers MIM
Drinks: 'Shrinker' made with this teaBP mint mocha (decaf)

Wednesday (2/24)
B: Thin Mint Shake w/added protein powder
L: wrap made with turkey, LLC, and LC tortilla
D: (out - bringing salad to small group)
Snacks: apple and cheese, Cry No More Brownie (p. 314)
Drinks: orange Vitamin Water Zero, BP Chai Tea

Thursday (2/25)
B: Cream Cheese 'pancakes' with SF syrup, Smoothie with blueberries, GY, and almond milk
L: Egg Roll in a Bowl (made with soy sauce instead of aminos)
D: (out - running errands, probably pick up a lettuce-wrapped burger somewhere)
Snacks: fresh veggies and hummus, Apple Oat Cake (I'll probably try the peach version soon too!)
Drinks: iced Wonderland Sip (p.405), (out - plain latte with added stevia)

Friday (2/26)
B: Apple Oat Cake and GY
L: Chicken Taco Salad (chicken breast & 1/2 jar of salsa cooked in crock-pot and shredded), topped with tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and sour cream
D: Sweet Potato Skillet
Snacks: Apple and Peanut Butter dip (GY and natural peanut butter), Cottage Berry Whip
Drinks: GGMS made with fresh lime juice, BP Chai Tea

Saturday (2/27)
B: Strawberry Cheesecake Shake (swap stevia for agave)
L: wrap made with turkey, LLC, and LC tortilla
D: Quesadillas made with yesterday's leftover chicken and LC tortillas, sliced bell pepper and fresh veggies
Snacks: apple and cheese, Cry No More Brownie
Drinks: orange Vitamin Water Zero, BP mint mocha (decaf)

Thanks for reading!  Questions or comments? Let me know in the comment section!!


  1. Would be awesome to see what meals these are at a glance. S, E, FP??? Just an idea. Unless I missed it.

    1. Hi! Sorry I forgot to do the fuel types on this meal plan, but I'll be sure to include that on next week's. Thanks for the feedback!


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