Fair Trade Friday - Hey, that's kinda cool.....

Confession: I did not prepare ahead of time for this post.  Friday just sort of snuck up on me this week!  I mean, it's already August!  When did that happen?  So, today I'm going to share some items that I've run across that just made me say, "hey, that's kinda cool..." (hence the post title).

Ten Thousand Villages Washer Bowl
Look how pretty this fruit bowl is!  It's made by Indian artisans that wash and powder coat rusted washers that otherwise couldn't be used, to make a piece that's just,well, kinda cool!  It would look great as a centerpiece on a kitchen table, with the vibrant colors of apples and bananas contrasted with the open metalwork.

Eternal Threads King's Garden Bracelet
This little bit of sparkle is my favorite.  It's handmade in Afghanistan, using thousands of tiny beads and crystals to replicate a beautiful flower garden.  I just love how all the little 'flowers' stand up when you put the bracelet on, plus the colors are amazing!
Recycled Warthog

Recycled Hippo

Recycled Lion
These colorful creatures are actually made from recycled flip-flops in Kenya, and their benefit is two-fold. Not only do they create sustainable jobs for the Kenyan artisans, but they also keep the rubber waste from discarded flip-flops from polluting the oceans.  The company that makes them, Ocean Sole, is responsible for over 100 employees, and they manage to recycle over 800,000 pounds of rubber waste a year!  If you search for 'flip-flop' on Ethical Gifts' website, a ton of other options pop up as well.  You could have a flip-flop menagerie!

Soda Can Dinosaur
In the same vein, there's another company in Kenya that takes old soda cans and unused telephone wire to create awesome little animals, like this angry-looking (and yet somehow still adorable) dinosaur!  Plus, not only are the artisans paid a fair wage, but they make an additional commission when their items are sold.

Flamenco Apron

Last up, this little apron that the site describes as 'too cute for words.'  It's made in Bali, from sustainable materials (i.e. bamboo, organic cotton, etc.), and it makes me want to start cooking more.  Trust me, it takes a lot for me to get excited about cooking (I really like food, I just like it better if someone else makes it....), but this little flippy apron would make it a lot easier!

Are there any Fair Trade items you've run across recently that were just too cool?  Feel free to share them with me in the comments!

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