Fair Trade Friday - Ember Arts

I have been getting some great suggestions from some of my readers lately for Fair Trade companies I'm excited to share with you all.  I have had so many great companies brought to my attention recently, it's hard to pick which one to feature each week!

I'm going to pick one that I just happened across, since they began following one of my Pinterest boards, called Ember Arts.  Read their story, it may bring a few tears to your eyes (like mine).  From that page:

"We partner with 28 Ugandan women, all survivors of war and poverty, who handmake every piece of our jewelry from recycled paper. And they use the money they earn to chase their dreams: to educate their children, build homes, start businesses. They are transforming the future for their families and communities.
And they are reconnecting with deep, hopeful parts of themselves. People are at their best when they pursue their best dreams. "
And the jewelry is so pretty!  It definitely speaks to the beauty that this company is bringing to its' artisans lives.

Ember Solana Necklace
I've been wearing a lot of long necklaces lately, since they dress up just about any outfit!  I especially love pairing a draped tee and jeans with a great necklace like this one, for an easy little bit of extra 'pop.'

Ember Laguna Earrings
I also love these coordinating earrings!  They'd be great paired with that necklace, and they're also pretty enough to stand on their own.  I love how the printing on the rolled paper looks almost like patterned china, and I've been really loving gold toned metals with just about everything!

Ember Bwindi Bracelet
Another color that I've been seeing (and buying!) a lot of is this sky blue/brown combo.  That little shot of color is a great accent, and the natural brown Ugandan seeds add a great detail.  Like the description says on their website, "it's a story on your wrist."

Ember Cuff Bracelet
Another great bracelet that Ember offers is this cuff, made with all kinds of multicolored beads.  It's a little symphony of color, plus at only $11 a piece, they're affordable enough to stock up on; you could buy a whole arm party's worth of bracelets!

Ember Plume Earrings
Lastly, there's these earrings.  They're just so pretty!  I love the royal blue ones on the bottom, but all the colors are great, and would coordinate with so many outfits I know I already have in my closet.

There are so many more items for sale on Ember Arts' website, you should check them out.  Like, today!

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