Kidlet Style - One of Those Days...

It's already one of THOSE days.  You know, the kind where you didn't fall asleep until after 1 am, and it took you until 10 this morning to get breakfast together, and you've already spilled coffee on your shirt, and your kids are feelin' it too?

Actually, it's not all that bad.  Sure, I need a little extra caffeine boost, but the energy my kiddos bring to my mornings make them so much better!


Whatchu want?
Plus, there's always sweet little songs and faces to make everything better:

(Little background on Big A's video, she came out wearing that hat this morning, and I told her she looked like a little hipster, so she ran back to her room to grab those shoes, and asks, "mom, are these shoes that little hipster girls would wear?  I like my hipster shoes."  That made me smile, but of course, the moment the camera was on, she didn't want to say it again!)

Outfit Details:
Little A's onesie: OUaC, $4.50
Little A's babylegs: handed down

Big A's shirt/shorts: handed down
Big A's shoes: OUaC, $3.50
Big A's hat: handmade by a lovely coworker!

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