31(squared) - Knot Another Dress

Another Thursday, another Thrifted Pinterest.  For this week, I thought I'd try a trend I've noticed popping up all over the place: specifically, knotting the bottom of your dress.  For example:



There's something about being able to change the shape of a dress with a simple knot that I love.  Plus, I also loved that middle look, with the dress layered over pants, so I thought I'd just go ahead and give it a copy.  I'm always looking for ways to stretch my 31 pieces even farther as the end of the month gets closer!

Oh, and I just have to show off my beautiful 'wound' by my eyebrow (covered up by a little makeup, but still...).  A straw attacked my face.  Literally.  Well, more literally, I went to scratch the back of my head, and when I leaned forward, hit my eyebrow on a straw.  I say a lot that I have the most ironic name in the world, but this just about proves it!

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted, DIY alterations, $5
Leggings: Wal-Mart, $6
Shirt: Aeropostale, $10 (clearance)
Boots: via Plato's Closet resale, $8
Earrings: Payless, $3 (clearance)
Velvet Belt: 'borrowed' from my mom

Grand Total: $32

If you'd like to know more about why I'm remixing 31 pieces from my closet and not shopping for the month of March, check out my introductory post to this 31(squared) series!  Please join me in this fundraising effort for Love146, and help shine a light in the darkness.

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  1. Love the polka dot shirt dress and the knotting experiment <3 I've recently starting doing this, also mostly out of necessity (i.e. to give myself room to walk because I'm tall or to hide the fact that a maxi skirt hits me at an awkward length). I realized that the knotting effect can do wonders to change up even the simplest outfit by adding variations through asymmetrical patterns. Anyway, yeah, I think it's awesome! :D

    - Anna



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