Fair Trade Friday - Badala

I thought I'd take this Friday to introduce you guys to another amazing company, called Badala.

Here's the introductory video by the woman that founded this amazing company.  Her words are so much better than mine would be:

First off, am I the only one that wanted to pinch all those beautiful babies' cheeks?  Seriously, seeing all the good that Badala is doing in these children's and women's lives just makes my heart happy!  Beyond that, all the products they offer are just as beautiful as the smiles of the artisans that make them.  I picked out some of my favorites, and there's a lot to choose from!

Broken Earth Infinity Scarf in Charcoal
This scarf is just too pretty.  That smoky grey needs a place in my closet, and since it's a lightweight jersey, it would be perfect for spring (if we ever thaw out from all these winter storms!).

Kiota Earrings
In that same color family are these earrings.  That speckled quail egg stone almost reminds me of Rorschach tests, and I can't stop looking at them.

Kitenge Sunrise Trio
Do people still use the term 'arm party?'  Because these definitely qualify as party worthy.  Those vibrant reds and oranges just pop, and would dress up almost any outfit.  Added bonus: right now this trio of bracelets is on sale!

Mara Sunrise Necklace
Can you tell that I'm gravitating to certain colors?  This necklace echoes the colors of the sunrise alluded to in its name, and there's even matching earrings available on the site as well (but there's only 3 left, so if you want them, get them ASAP!).

Horizon Pillow in Pacific Blue
One place I don't excel (one of many, trust me) is decorating my home.  I mean, sure, stuff matches, but it's not really anything I just love.  This pillow changes all of that.  I know exactly where I'd put it, what it would coordinate with, and that I would just love looking at that hand-dyed design all day.  These pillows, and some other home goods like these woven baskets and carved utensils, are available for pre-order on the site, so put your order in now if you love them as much as I do!

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