Monday Meal Plan - 2/29

Hello!  It's another Monday, so I'm sharing this weeks' THM meal plan for our family!  If you'd like a little insight into some abbreviations I used in the meal plan, you can refer back to last week's post.  I also switched up the name just a bit... there's another THM blogger, Darcie's Dishes, who already publishes a weekly Meal Plan Monday, and I didn't want to copy her title.  She actually was a great help to me when I first started Trim Healthy Mama and was still figuring out how to eat this way, so I basically just used her meal plans until I was ready to start planning for myself.  She's a great resource to use if you're just starting out, or in a recipe rut, and I'd highly recommend checking her out!

Also, I did end up not making a couple recipes I posted last week, so if it seems like there's a repeat, it's because I'm going to be using up those ingredients in the beginning of the week so they don't go to waste!  I also forgot to label my meals with the food types (S, E, and CO) last time, so I'll be sure to include that in this week's plan. You might notice too that I have a few shortcuts I use.  If you're familiar with the 'speak' used in the plan, I'm a Drive Thru Sue to the core!  I use leftovers as much as possible, so that I don't spend too much time doing meal prep and clean up, and can actually enjoy being with my family rather than just feeding them all the time (because trust me, my kids might be tiny, but they eat A LOT!)!  If there's a veggie listed, there's a good chance I'll just use the microwaveable steam bags whenever available.  Also, I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but I'm not really all that picky about what sweet thing I get to eat.  So, I usually just pick two big desserts to make, and either refrigerate or freeze what's leftover so I can eat on it all week.  Less dishes +delicious dessert = one happy mama!

Monday (2/29)
B: Scrambled Eggs, bacon, and strawberries (S)
L: Chicken Taco Salad (chicken breast and salsa cooked in a slow cooker and shredded), with lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream, and cheese (S)
D: Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet (E)
Snacks: Veggies (snap peas, carrots, cucumber) and hummus (E), Raspberry Cheesecake Bites (S)
Drinks: GGMS made with orange La Croix and a dash of vanilla, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Tuesday (3/1)
B: THM Pancakes (p. 259) with SF syrup, smoothie with fresh strawberries, almond milk, GY, and stevia (E)
L: Cheeseburger Pie (p. 149), green beans with butter (S)
D: Chicken Quesadillas with leftover chicken and low carb tortilla, fresh bell pepper slices (S)
Snacks: Apple and PB dip (PB powder mixed with GY) (E), Cry No More Brownies (p. 314) (S)
Drinks: The 'Shrinker', BP Mint Mocha (decaf) (S)

Wednesday (3/2)
B: Protein Shake made with frozen peaches, GY, stevia, protein powder, 1/4 c oats, and almond milk (E)
L: wrap with low-carb tortilla, turkey, and LLC (FP)
D: (out - bringing salad to small group)
Snacks: Apple and cheese (CO), Raspberry Cheesecake Bites (S)
Drinks: Lemonade Vitamin Water Zero, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Thursday (3/3)
B: Scrambled Eggs and sausage (S)
L: Chicken and Rice soup (I just throw shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped celery, onion, and carrots, parsley, bay leaves, and garlic powder, salt, and pepper into some chicken broth in the crock pot and cook on low until all the flavors have blended... like 6 hours maybe?  then stir in some pre-cooked brown rice) (E)
D: Quick Cajun Dirty Rice (I'm making the CO option)
Snacks: veggies and hummus (E), Cry No More Brownies (S)
Drinks: GGMS made with orange La Croix and a dash of vanilla, B.P. hot chocolate (I blend this recipe with some coconut oil) (S)

Friday (3/4)
B: THM Pancakes with SF syrup, sausage (CO)
L: Meatloaf (p.157), corn with butter, baked sweet potato (white potatoes for the hubs and kiddos) (CO)
D: leftover Chicken and Rice soup (E)
Snacks: Apple and PB dip (E), Raspberry Cheesecake Bites (S)
Drinks: the 'Shrinker', B.P. Mint Mocha (S)

Saturday (3/5)
B: Fruit Smoothie with added protein powder (E)
L: wrap with low-carb tortilla, turkey, and LLC (FP)
D: Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps (S)
Snacks: Apple and cheese (CO), Cry No More Brownies (S)
Drinks: Lemonade Vitamin Water Zero, B.P. Chai Tea (S)

Are there any time saving tips for meal planning/preparing that you'd like to share?  Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Thanks for the tips.I will be trying these out and visiting Darcie's Dishes :)


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