Kidlet Style - Sk8er Kids

 Do you guys remember the Avril Lavigne song "Sk8er Boi" (roughly translated: skater boy; a boy who skates...)?  I listened to that song non-stop when it came out, re-playing my illegally downloaded copy over and over again.  Is it okay to admit to that?  I don't do it anymore (listen to the song, or download music for that matter)!  The outfit Big A picked out for herself somehow reminded me of that, so I figured I'd follow suit and dress Little A with the same style!  They didn't seem to mind.  Now if only I had matching Vans sneakers for them instead of slippers and bare feet....

Do you see how big this kid is getting?



And of course, we can't forget the outtakes:

(For those who know me, yes, today is my anniversary, and yes, the hubby and I plan on celebrating, but I wanted to share some kiddo pics for my lovely co-worker that requested more of them.  She's leaving for three months to work with YWAM in Taiwan, and will be missed!  These are for you, Sham!)

Outfit Details for Big A: 
Shirt: Children's Place, $3.50
Pants: Sonoma, $2.50
Slippers & Jewelry: gifted

Outfit Details for Little A:
Shirt: Garanimals, $1.50
Pants: Carter's, $1.50
Elephant: Fisher Price, $1.50

Grand Total: $10.50

All brands and prices are from our local Once Upon A Child.

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