Fair Trade Friday - I got it on sale!

Do you love the idea of Fair Trade fashion, but don't think you can afford it?  Well, guess what, you're in luck!  I'm going to share some of my favorite picks from some amazing companies that just happen to be on sale.

First up, you know how much I love the bags from JOYN.

JOYN Boho Bag
Well, they've got a whole new line of accessories they're about to introduce, so this style is being discontinued.  But, that means the remaining boho bags are on sale for only $16!  This one is my favorite, I'm a fan of anything floral, but there's two more styles available as well, all made from their lovely hand-stamped fabrics.

Next up, these earrings from Mata Traders:

Mata Traders Arrowhead

Mata Traders Autumn

Mata Traders Cartesian
What do all these earrings have in common, other than all being shiny little baubles I'd love to have?  They're all on sale for only $5 each!  Seriously?  Only $5 for handmade jewelry that also benefits the artisans that make it?  I'll take one of each please!

Last up, a couple items from a new fashion site, Modavanti, that compiles super fashion-forward items from fair trade and eco-conscious companies on one great site.

4 All Humanity Tee

Raven + Lily Infinity Scarf
Sorry about the low quality pictures, they look so much better on the original site!  Anyways, these items aren't technically on sale (they're $32), but the cool thing about ordering from Modavanti is they offer a $20 credit for their site just for signing up!  It really works too, no strings.  I ordered the 4 All Humanity tee last week, and it only cost me $12, plus it helped pay for a child in Haiti to attend school for one month.  I'm pretty much in love with that Raven + Lily scarf as well, but of course I love ALL their items, as well as their empowerment of women!

What fair trade items are you making room in your budget for?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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