Fair Trade Friday - No. 41

I am so excited about this company I'm featuring today!  Of course, I'm always excited about Fair Trade fashions, and that doesn't change a bit today.  No. 41 started in 2012, with the intention of teaching young women from the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda sewing skills that would benefit them their whole life, as well as providing daily hot meals for 870 students at a local schools.

The bios for each artisan are so personal, it's like meeting each girl face to face.  You just know that the starters of this company care for each and every girl, and are invested in making their lives better.  Like their website says, "No.41 is about empowering young women. Our goal is not to give them the world, but to show them that God has already given them everything they need to go out there and take it. When you join with us, you are truly changing the world FOR ONE."

The best part is, all of the items they have made are so cute!  Take this apron, for example:

Medi Apron
Now, you know I love me a ruffly apron!  But wait, there's so much more to it!  All of the profits from their aprons go straight into the food program for the local schools, plus, each girl making these aprons are given artistic license on which fabrics they choose to combine.  It would be like Christmas just opening the box, since you wouldn't know what fabrics to expect until you see the finished product!  A ruffly apron, and a surprise all wrapped up together?  I'm in.

I'm in love with these little backpacks.  They're just so much fun!  My not-so-little one might be starting preschool next year (She's not already that big, is she?!?!?), and I'm seriously contemplating getting her one of these for her first day!  Plus, with my purchase of a backpack for her, another child in Rwanda will receive their own backpack.

Xavera Signature Bag
Last up are these lovely totes, available with a ton of different colors and patterns to choose from.  But wait, there's more!  Each bag purchased not only provides sustainable income for the lovely artisan women that make them, but also for one meal a day for one child for one year. (I'm sensing a trend here....).

There's so much more available in No. 41's shop, like even more aprons, more colors on the signature bag, and even necklaces!  You should check them out, and I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

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