On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

So, this is my daughter's favorite movie, even though she hasn't watched it.  Apparently, she likes it because it has girls on the front, and she's a girl.  Simple enough, right?  We've been hangin' out lately, learning new things, like Big A's photography skills:

Or, the fact that little A won't sit still for a picture, because she always wants the camera:

Or, the fact that she makes this face EVERY time I put sunglasses on her:

And that dress up clothes and silly faces make the day so much better:

Also, baby bear rugs are the best thing ever:

Except maybe for splash parks. (I'm pretty sure I need one of these in the backyard)

But, most of all, that days filled with singing and dancing are days well spent.

Remembering Sept. 11th today.  Hug someone you love, and cherish every moment.

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  1. I just love watching them! They make my heart happy--esp today! Love, Gramma


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