Kidlet Style - Happy Days

Some days, I just gotta take pictures.  No real reason, just because my kids are really kinda cute!
What do I do...?


I'm not sure I like this sharing thing.....

"Little Miss Giggles"

 Have you guys seen those new meme's with "reasons my kid is crying..?"  Well, I have a submission for ya:

Of course, once Yo Gabba Gabba is turned on, big sister is oblivious.  It's a nice wind-down from a day filled with fun.

Outfit Details for Big A:
Pink Top: Total Girl, $3.50
Black Tank (underneath): Children's Place, $3.50
Leggings: Greendog, $2.50
'Foofa' Shoes: Vans, $6.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Shirt: 'little miss,' $1.50
Shorts: Old Navy, $1.00 (clearance)
Shoes: Carter's, $2.50

Grand Total: $21

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