Fair Trade Friday - Go Shopping!

Happy weekend's eve, people!  I had a whole post thought out, and was about to write it, and changed my mind at the last second.  Instead of what I was going to do (I can save that for later), I want to encourage you guys to go outside and go shopping!  The rain has stopped, everything smells like wet dirt, and you can almost see the sun.  If you are in the NWA area, here's some shops I would recommend checking out:

The Global Shoppe: Located inside Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe, this little retail corner carries products from great companies like JOYN (you know I love them!), and Sasa Jewelry, plus you can order a delicious Chai Latte or Cappuccino to sip on while you shop.  What could be better?

The Mustache: This little shop on the Square carries a whole range of products, including items from Sseko sandals, Mata Traders, and a specially made line of printed products from JOYN festooned with, you guessed it, mustaches:

JOYN Mustache Clutch
Goodwill: You know I love me some thrifting!  I went shopping the other day, and spent more than I intended, but I did find some amazing stuff, like a tan Pendleton blazer for $2, or a pair of burgundy Nine West heels.  Plus, there's four stores just in the NWA area alone, not to mention the hundreds of other stores across the country.

So, seriously, go outside and go shopping!  Indulge in a little retail therapy (I truly believe this is a real thing), while helping people both in our country, and across the globe.  Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

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