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Just when I'm starting to settle in to the warmer temps, we're looking at a forecast of snow for tomorrow.  In May.  What?  Especially since when I wore this outfit, it was 70 degrees.  Here's the inspiration for today's outfit:
This outfit was calling to my inner hippie flower child.  It also helps that the only denim vest in my closet is a vintage one from the 70's.  It's so vintage, it's even missing buttons!  The skirt actually used to be a dress, but when the, ahem, bodice didn't fit any more, I took the top of it off, and now it's a great skirt!  I decided to go all out, and even pinned back my hair, showing off my lovely silver streak that's decided to show up (you can thank a combination of genetics and a strong-willed three year old for that one!), all in the spirit of peace, love, and everything groovy.

Outfit Details:
Vest: Cheap Thrills resale, $3
Shirt: Eddie Bauer Outlet, $10
Skirt: Plato's Closet resale (dress), $10
Sandals: Aeropostale, $5 (clearance)
Necklace: Body Central, $4

Grand Total: $32

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a Fair Trade Friday post dedicated to all things Baby!

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