Kidlet Style - Mismatched

Well, the day I dreaded has come.  The day that my little girl wants to dress herself.   I would love to say I'm one of those moms that lets her three year old pick out her own clothes all the time, or let her wear her pajamas out in public just because she wants to, but I'm way too OCD for that!  But, some days I let her raid her dresser drawers, and this is what she comes up with: least her hat and sweater 'match'....

Rollie Pollie!
Little A is still too small to voice her opinion about what threads she wears, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't complain even if she could talk!


Outfit Details for Big A:
Hat: unknown brand, $2.50
Sweater: Garnet Hill, $5.50
Shirt: hand-me-down
Shorts: Circo, $2.50
Leggings: Circo, $1.50
Shoes: Old Navy, $5.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Shirt: Zutano, $3.50
Leggings: Circo, $1.50

Rug: unknown brand, $8.50

Total (minus the rug): $22.50

All clothes and prices (except Big A's shirt) are from our local Once Upon A Child.

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