Kidlet Style - PARTY TIME!!!

We had the opportunity to attend a certain family members' 4th birthday, and it was a blast!  His mom has the cutest parties for her kids, complete with themes and theme-appropriate decorations.  This little guy's party was "construction" themed, i.e. he "digs" being 4, and it was a super cute affair.  The girls seemed to have a fun time too!

The camera loves her!
"No, dad, this is MY close up!"
Family Feet!
"dirt" cake!


This is what happens when her cake is gone...
This is what happens when Daddy A takes my picture without asking...

I do much better myself! ; )

Can't forget the birthday boy!  (He did NOT want his picture taken.)

Outfit Details for Big A:
White Tank: Hybrid Teez, $1.50
Orange Tank: Children's Place, $2.50
Shorts: Circo, $1.50
Sandals: Arizona, $3.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Bib: Carter's, $0.75
Outfit: Carter's, 3-pcs, $6.50

Grand Total: $16.25

All brands and prices are from our local Once Upon A Child.  Be on the lookout for their big 50% off sale, coming up the first weekend in June!

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