Kidlet Style - Family Photos

You know how I mentioned that I have incredibly talented family members?  Well, I thought I'd pass along some photos that my niece took of our family a few weeks ago.  She's an incredible photographer, and has her own business (Sinsear Photography), so if you ever need some pics, she'd be the one to call!  She's about to start at the university in the fall, though, so her free time might be at a premium, but I know she probably wouldn't complain about the extra income!

Anyways, here's the photos:

Seriously, how did I manage to get such a good looking family?

Outfit Details for Big A:
Dress: George, $3.50
Sweater: Old Navy, $5.50
Shoes: Gap, $8.50

Outfit Details for Little A:
Dress: Carter's, $4.50
Tights: Gap, $3.50

Grand Total: $25.50

All brands and prices are from our local Once Upon A Child.  The big 50% off sale is coming up in June, you better be ready to shop!

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