Fair Trade Friday - SanYork

It's been awhile since I've posted any new Fair Trade companies, so I thought I'd share a little company I ran across when shopping on Amazon.  That company is called SanYork, and they are a distributor for items that are made by 66 artisan families that reside in Peru (according to their About Page).  They have a great selection of jewelry, and you know me, I love shiny new baubles!

SanYork Drop Earrings
These cute little blue earrings are actually on sale, for $9.95, but there are only two left in this color!  There are also 4 other colors available as well, so if these sell out, there's always more to find.

SanYork Acai Seed Bracelet
"It's like candy!" says my three year old as she looks at the screen and sees this bracelet.  And it is!  Just as sweet and colorful, and definitely craveable as well!

SanYork Woven Thread Earrings
These are my favorite!  I love the iridescent thread woven through them, and I'm always a  fan of super dangle-y earrings!

Where are you going to store all this new jewelry, you ask?  Well, I found a solution for that too!  It's actually from a different company, but still available through Amazon.  So, if you happen to have Amazon Prime, and can get free shipping, it just makes sense to keep ordering stuff, like this Fair Trade Jewelry Organizer:

Eliza Fair Trade Jewelry Organizer

Check back with me next week, where I'll be sharing some Fair Trade finds that will help with a little rest and relaxation.  Enjoy your sunny weekend, everybody!

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