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Just a quick post for you guys before I jet off to do some shopping for the girls.  I've just had basics on the brain lately.  Some days, as much as I love throwing on a great print or bright color, I just want to wear a tee shirt, or a simple tank top.  I'm always on the lookout for another basic piece that I can throw on with anything, and here's some items at the top of my shopping list:

Element Ecowear Gathered Tank
 I love the gathered detailing on this tank top.  It's sweet, a little girly, and just an easy piece to wear.  Plus, Element Ecowear, a company that sells apparel made from Fair Trade and Organic Certified cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy, is running a summer special right now, with 5% off any order over $50, and 10% off any order over $100.  Plus, their shipping is always $5.

Amour Vert Madelyn White Oversized V
I love white tee shirts, especially ones that fit like this.  It's great for those days that you want to be comfortable, without looking like a frump.  This tee is anything but frumpy, and the website even describes it as "the softest piece BeGood stocks."

Maggie's Organics V Neck Tee Shirt
Speaking of tee shirts, how cute is this little tee from Maggie's Organics?  (Rhetorical question, the answer is, of course, adorable!)  I've come to the conclusion lately that olive green counts as a neutral in my closet, and this tee would fit right in.  Plus, it's only $15!

Maggie's Organics Hoodie
Even though it seems a bit odd to want this on the first day of summer, I also really love this little pullover hoodie from Maggie's Organics.  I'm always looking forward to autumn weather, especially when it's 90 degrees outside right now, and this little piece of clothing would quickly become a staple in my fall wardrobe.

What basic pieces do you HAVE to have in your closet?

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