Thrifted Pinterest - To the Max!

Guess what?  This post involves a maxi dress, in case the title wasn't obvious...  I have this great dress, that I actually first bought to double as a maternity dress, that's just been begging to be worn lately.  So, I obliged, and turned to Pinterest for ideas on accessorizing it.  Here's my inspiration photos:

First off, seriously, how cute is Alyson Hannigan's baby belly in that pic!?  Adorable!  AAAAnyways, here's my take on the outfit:

...Whoops!  I guess Big A isn't quite old enough to double as my photographer!

This may be the first time in Thrifted Pinterest history where everything I'm wearing is either resale, thrifted, or gifted!  I'm giving myself imaginary gold stars right now... ;)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Mossimo via Plato's Closet Resale, $8
Denim Shirt: Once Upon A Child, $2.50
White Tank: Old Navy, $5
Belt: Candie's via Plato's Closet Resale, $4
Shoes: Once Upon A Child, $4.50
Earrings: gifted
Necklace: gifted
Bracelet: Tiny Hands International, gifted

Grand Total: $24

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