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Holy crapola, has another week gone by already?  I swear, the past few months have just been a blur!  I guess that means it's another Thursday, which means you guys get another installment of Thrifted Pinterest!  Here's the inspiration photo for today:
First off, can we just talk about those shoes!?!  I'm having just a little bit of shoe envy right now.  But, I am pretty easily consoled, since I just got a pair of cobalt blue flats that were perfect for my version of the outfit.   Plus, they were only $2!  Flats are better for chasing my kiddos around anyways.  Here's my version (along with my attempt to mirror the original photo!):

Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted, DIY'ed from dress, $5
Jeans: Wal-Mart, $20
Shoes: thrifted, $2
Earrings: Premier Designs, free for hosting a party
Necklace (not pictured): gift from China

Grand Total: $27

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