Kidlet Style - OUAC Clearance Sale!

I'm not posting a lot of pictures of the girls today, other than these two:

Little A is almost crawling!  Looks like I'll have to start babyproofing the house (starting with those wires in the background, eek!).

Instead of inundating your screen with tons of pictures of my adorable kiddos, I wanted to do some shameless promotion of my workplace.  The Bi-Annual Clearance sale at Once Upon a Child is coming up this Friday, the 21st, and it's going to be huge!  Some smaller sizes have already been marked down, so I was able to grab up some clothes for Little A when I worked last night.  Here's what I got:

Children's Place Dress, $3.25

Faded Glory Jeans, $1.75

Faded Glory Pants, $1.75

Garanimals Tops, $0.75 each

Old Navy Top, $1.75

Cherokee Top, $1.25

Jammie-jams, $1.75 each

Carter's Onesie, $0.75 and Skirt, $1.75
The grand total for all this?  A whopping $17.25!  Plus, if I had waited until Friday (which wouldn't happen, I'm just a little impatient), I could have saved even more, since the discounts get bigger through the day.  The markdowns start at 50% off when the store opens at 9 am, then go up to 60% at 3 pm, and then up to 70% off from 6-9 pm!  I'll be snatching up some fall clothes for Big A when I go shopping on Friday for sure!  I better see you there, too.  Happy shopping, everybody!

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